Going over the basics…

The year? 1988. The place? Scarborough, Ontario and Toronto.

Four men got together to create the Canadian alternative rock band, The Barenaked Ladies. The band was begun by Steven Page (vocals, guitar) and Ed Robertson (vocals, guitar), Jim Creeggan (bass, cello), Andy Creeggan (origional keyboardist) and Tyler Stewart in 1990 (drums). Andy Creeggan left the band in 1995 and was replaced by Kevin Hearn (keyboardist, accordian). Later, Steven Page  in 2009 resigned from the band to persue a solo career.

The Ladies are known for their light-hearted, comedic preformance style with humorous banter and improvised raps/songs. They are best known for their hit singles One Week, The Old Apartment, Pinch Me, If I had $1,000,000, and Brian Wilson.


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  1. kathrynmckinley
    Feb 04, 2011 @ 16:09:45

    When I was younger and heard of the BNL, I thought they were bad. Not musically bad, but I thought my parents would be mad at me for listening to a group with their name referring to naked women! Luckily, I am over that stage. I know only of the BNL’s top songs, but from what I hear, I like them. I don’t have the same passion as you for them! I hope you get to go to one of their concerts!


    • anne2144
      Feb 04, 2011 @ 16:23:23

      My dad was the exact same way when he first heard the name. He couldn’t believe that someone with that kind of name was anything worth listening to! Luckily his coworker convinced him to listen to them.


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