Ships and Dip has come to an end

With no other news from the Barnaked Ladies my post today will be relatively short.

Now, with Ships and Dip at a close, the Barenaked Ladies have returned home for some much deserved rest and relaxation. There’s not much news out yet on the cruise and experiences fans of the Ladies had, but without a doubt there will be stories for all to enjoy up on the internet very soon!

Currently on the Ladies Room wall there’s a small contest going for different stories, photos and videos that were taken on the cruise. Some will be posted later in the week for those of us, like me, who weren’t fortunate enough to be on the ship.

In other news the Ladies Room posted the tenth and final “BNL answers your questions” video on Feb. 17th for all of those who were following the videos.

Kevin and Ed were featured in Premier Guitars Magazine for their concert at NAMM.

What new things about the Barenaked Ladies would you like to hear about?


Membership incentive revealed!

The Barenaked Ladies are reminding their followers to resubscribe (if needed) and offering new incentives for fans to become a member of the Ladies Room. Now, for only $35, you receive a one-year membership, welcome letter, membership card, and exclusive t-shirt. The Fan Club Admin are changing things up for the new year.

“Now that 2011 is here and in full swing, we are working on a new 2011 Membership Package for The Ladies Room… The wait is over!  We now have The Ladies Room 2011 Membership Package approved and ready to reveal to you!!  Anyone who signed up or renewed on or after January 20, 2011 will receive this new package.” -BnL Fan Club Admin

New members will be able to access the exclusive offers available on the Ladies Room website. Previous and returning members will receive 18 months for their $35 as extra incentive to re-subscribe and earn rewards for doing so. Exclusive offers available on the Ladies Room include contests, media, news and exclusive forums amongst others. With this membership you are also able to get pre-sales on concert tickets and Meet and Greet tickets. You are also able to go online and converse in forums and online with other BnL fans.

There is also a Twitter account dedicated to the BnL Ladies room allowing members of the fan club to be able to hear when contests and other special offers are available.

How do you think the Ladies Room could enhance the membership initiative to get even more people to join?

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