The Ladies

Ed Robertson

Lloyd Edward Elwyn Robertson was born on October 25, 1970 (aka Ed Robertson). Ed is the primary guitarist for the band, playing dominantly rhythm guitar for nearly all of the band’s songs. Ed is capable of playing several other instruments including drums, pedal steel guitar, banjo and mandolin but he rarely plays anything other than guitar and banjo on stage.

He, along with his other bandmates, has taken over some of Page’s lead and harmony vocal parts following the latter’s departure. Robertson also sometimes includes rapping  and beatboxing into performances.

Ed Robertson at NAMM 2011

Instead of trying to write one great song, he would commit to writing a certain number of ideas and they might not all be great, but parts of the songs would sometimes fit together into great songs. Ed was encouraged to simply come up with an idea that fascinates him, and then to analyse it. The first song he wrote with this method was “When I Fall”, based on the concept of “a window washer who’s afraid of heights”. Besides Tyler Stewart, who does not typically compose, Robertson is the only other band member who has not written and recorded songs outside of the Barenaked Ladies for himself in the form of a side project. Ed has preferred to spend creative energy outside the band in co-writing and producing songs for other people.

In 2006, ED began starring in Ed’s Up for OLN Canada. The program covers his journeys by plane to various locations given to him only in the form of GPS coordinates.

At 12:30 p.m. on August 24, 2008, Ed was involved in a plane crash while piloting his Cessna 206. He and his three passengers walked away from the crash without any injuries. Tthe plane stalled due to gusting winds; Ed managed to set the plane down in some maple trees on private property, which cushioned the landing.

Tyler Stewart

Tyler Joseph Stewart was born September 21, 1967 and he is the drummer for the Barenaked Ladies and was the last of the original five Barenaked Ladies to join the band. Tyler was born in Toronto, but was raised in Newmarket, Ontario. He is the son of Sandra Stewart and stepson of Robert Stewart. Tyler’s biological father, Leonard Hawkins, is black, a fact which Stewart learned when he was about 12 years old.

Tyler Stewart

Tyler met Steven Page, Ed Robertson and Jim Creeggan at a a buskers festival in the summer of 1990 and soon filled their desire for a real kit drummer. When Andy Creeggan (Jim’s brother who played congas) returned from a trip to Uruguay to find Stewart on drums, he felt a little displaced (and eventually moved over to playing mostly keyboards). Tyler has been with the band ever since. He also adds numerous percussion elements besides the drum kit in the studio, and occasionally adds melodic elements. Tyler is the only member (past or present) of the band who has not actively written songs for the group’s albums; nor does he write for a side-project.

Tyler has received a writing credit on only three songs in the band’s catalogue: “Grade 9” from Gordon,“Why Say Anything Nice?” from Barenaked Ladies Are Men, and “Allergies” fromSnacktime. Up until the time Page left the band, Stewart had sung lead on only two recorded songs, while having one or two lines of lead in only a handful of others.

Kevin Hearn

Kevin Neil Hearn was born on July 3, 1969. He is a a musician who is currently a member of the Barenaked Ladies and his own group, Kevin Hearn and Thin Buckle. He is also a former member of Rheostatics. Kevin was born to a relatively large family, and they lived in a small home in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada.

In 1995 Kevin replaced departed keyboardist Andy Creeggan. Kevin did not own any of the band’s albums and had to learn all of the band’s songs in a matter of weeks. He played mostly keyboards on the songs included on the album, and some accordion. Thanks to the opportunities afforded him by his BnL gig, Hearn subsequently released his first solo album, Mothball Mint.

Shortly after the recording of the album Rock Spectacle, Kevin was diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia. He began treatment at the same time the band was shooting the video for “One Week”, and as such, does not appear in many of the shots. He was hospitalized in Toronto while the band continued to tour in support of the new album.

Kevin ultimately required bone marrow transplants from his brother Sean Hearn, and eventually his cancer went into remission. He rejoined the band in 1999, though still dealing with the effects of the disease. He also released another solo album, called H-Wing (named for the hospital wing he was in when he wrote most of the songs) which centered on his illness.

Jim Creeggan

James Raymond Creeggan, better known as Jim Creeggan, was born on February 12, 1970, in Scarborough, Ontario. He is the bassist for BnL. Jim’s most used double bass is named “Grammah”, after the Ladies’ tour manager nicknamed him “Grampah” for always complaining and not wanting to get up.

Jim Creeggan

Jim has played the double bass since he was in school and was a member of a variety of school bands, as well as local youth symphony groups. He also attended the University of Toronto for performance bass, though he did not complete a degree. Jim, along with his brother Andy, was invited to play with Ed Robertson and Steven Page (then performing as Barenaked Ladies as a duo) at a Christmastime show inToronto and the pair was asked to join the band permanently. Jim has been with the band ever since, while his brother left the band in 1995. He and Andy formed a group together named The Brothers Creeggan before Andy left BNL. They continued to play following his departure. Jim made minor contributions to the writing of the band’s first two albums. The band instituted a new, more open writing process for their next album, and several of Jim’s song ideas were expanded into songs featured on 2003’s Everything to Everyone.

In their first show since the 2009 departure of Steven Page from the band, Jim took over some of Page’s harmony vocals, and his lead vocals on the song “Maybe Katie”; a song Jim originated with vocals split between Steven and Ed. Jim has played bass as a guest on a number of albums; mostly of Canadian artists. He also commonly joins artists opening for Barenaked Ladies who do not play with a full band on the bass. He has done this on the band’s Ships and Dip cruises as well.


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